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What is in the name? The Story ..

In this day and age, the ".com" suffix on a name is quite self explanatory. While all of the end products we produce may not find their way exclusively to web pages, all have capability of being output to this format with minor alteration (i.e. "repurposing") be they books, brochures, Powerpoint presentations, videos, etc.

Most (but not all) business processes, programs and meetings are driven by some sort of underlying data analysis process. The underlying data requiring summarization may come out of the research, engineering, production, marketing, training or other components of the organization. data analyses capabilities are centered upon leading report writing and statistical analysis software from SAS Institute as well as other packages.

An "event" for purposes of our discussion is the making of a program -- be it a formal presentation as such, or something as simple as a printed document. It may vary from something as basic as a directions booklet, or it my be a complete national sales meeting with video, multimedia and more!

At the end of the day -- there is a document, an event and a program that has a marketing thrust focused on the customer. Otherwise, why do it? Customers drive any business. Without them, there would not be a business!

Anyway's -- that's the story behind the name. Maybe it should have been Data to Summarization to Programs to Events to ---- we just thought covered it all and was certainly simpler!