Moving Information to Your Customers!  
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"Why is it so simple?"

Points to remember

I won't proclaim that any of the following are of my own origination. I have found them to be very useful in guiding the development of projects with which I have been involved. Call these "Rogerism's" if you will! Sometimes we make things too complex!

  1. Elegance is in the simplicity!
  2. The customer should be at the top any organization chart.
  3. It is easier to write a book then a page! But who will take the time to read the book?
  4. Don't tell me how to build a watch, all I want to know is the time!
  5. Tell folks what your are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them.
  6. Sometimes you have to tell something three times -- the first reaction is "huh", the second is "hmm", the third is "aha -- I get it!"
  7. Your goal as a salesperson is to let the customer think they discovered the answer themselves.
  8. A returning customer is far more profitable then the new one you are going to have to seek out to replace him. Make sure you address the needs of current as well as new customers.
  9. Marketing is not sales. They are two entirely different disciplines, although they often overlap.
  10. The senses are important -- tell someone something and they hear it (hopefully), show someone something and they see it (hopefully), but if you have someone do something, they have done it! Strive to do all three in your communications efforts.
  11. Effective sales people often are successful because they know as much as or more about customer needs than they do about the product they are selling.
  12. Don't let perfect be the enemy of excellent.
  13. "Throw it over the fence" to someone else to work on for awhile if you are stuck. Always get early feedback on a project at intermediate points whether or not you are stuck. You may have made taken the wrong turn at a fork in the road. It will be far easier to correct earlier than later.