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Technical Writing and Publishing

Technical writing and publishing services take on many different forms.

  • Package inserts, product directions, user manuals, getting started manuals, etc. Documentation provided to customers should be of the highest quality. How many poor product reviews, product returns, and product dissatisfaction complaints are the result of inadequate documentation.
  • Technical manuals, brochures and pamphlets. These vary in scope from single page documents to books containing over 300 pages.
  • Symposia Proceedings. If you are having a meeting, have the Powerpoint presentations of various speakers reassembled into a proceedings or symposia booklet. These should contain some additional text in addition to the material on the slides themselves
  • International Flexibility. Source files for projects are furnished so that translators can easily translate them to languages other than English. Also, see "Repurposing" your materials for more information on this.
  • Software utilized: Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat (PDF creation), Corel Ventura Publisher, Adobe In-Design, Corel Draw plus most software listed in our multimedia services section. If at all possibly feasible, we will furnish documents in the document standards of your organization.