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Multimedia Publishing

Multimedia publishing encompasses the internet, video, photography and traditional paper publishing.

  • Video is central to most multimedia publishing efforts. Video adds a dimension to a presentation that is not available by print or audio alone.
    Video is captured with "3-chip" professional digital video recorders. At this time, we recommend standard definition for worldwide compatibility.
    Essential to successful videography is the ability to "chromakey", i.e. superimpose images such as speakers on presentations. See our sister site for more details:
  • Photography. All photography that will be repurposed is captured in camera raw format and converted to Adobe standards for long term repurposing
  • PowerPoint. The universal authoring language for simple linear presentation.
  • Adobe Flash. An alternative authoring tool for more complex presentations.
  • The internet, Adobe PDF, Adobe Flash Video. These are the standards for wide scale distribution of media.
  • Software utilized: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash, Apple Final Cut Studio II (including Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro and DVD Studio Pro), Corel Draw, Microsoft PowerPoint. If at all possibly feasible, we will furnish documents in the document standards of your organization.
  • International considerations: We attempt to furnish all multimedia elements in such a fashion that local non-English sound tracks can be added and additional local annotation can be placed on visual elements by simply editing the files.