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Meetings and Symposia

Organizations conduct many meetings. can help you develop, conduct, record and archive your meeting.

  • Content Development and Proceedings. As a general rule, we believe that speakers should develop the first draft of their visuals with templates provided by the sponsor. These should be reviewed and standardized by the sponsor (with the speaker's final approval) to arrive at look that is consistent and meets the sponsor's objectives. We will help with this effort according to your wishes. Likewise, we will assist with the development and publication of materials to be distributed such a proceedings that might simply be a copy of the slides to take notes on, or a booklet within its own right, etc.
  • Videoing and Photography Services at Meetings, Publication of Results. What better way to create an archive of the meeting then to video the speakers, the social events, etc. These can then be edited to DVD or edited to files of internet distribution. See our sister web site for more information on the videoing of meetings:
  • Repurposing. Moving the content of the meeting to your central document storage libraries. These are a rich source of content for future sales, marketing and technical efforts when they are "repurposed".
  • International Flexibility. Meetings with multilingual needs can be addressed. Arrangements can vary from the translation of visuals, recording of translators, etc. Remember that these efforts take substantial lead-time because of the number of personnel and firms involved.